7 Great Software Business Blog Examples and Why They Rock

The boom of SaaS companies in recent years is undeniable, and many of them have been able to grow rapidly thanks to their intentional content marketing strategy. These companies combined a solid SEO strategy with strong branding to create blogs that generate a ton of organic traffic consisting of qualified leads.

Below, you can see some business blog examples that have done just that. 

7 Great Software Business Blog Examples

1. Asana: a balanced mix of company news, tutorials, and audience-relevant tips

Project management tool Asana offers a balanced mix of company news, Asana tutorials, and inspirational articles that are relevant to their target audience of marketers on its blog. It also publishes interviews with experts as well as more SEO-focused “how to’s”, and its longform guides live on the Resources page, rather than the blog.

Despite that wide range of formats, Asana has managed to gain a strong presence in Google.

2. Toggl: subtle SEO

Productivity tool Toggl has a successful blog that ranks really well and yet it doesn’t read like a typical collection of SEO guides and listicles. It does a fantastic job at meeting search intent without keyword stuffing and knows how to create blog posts that stand out.

Toggl now also offers Toggl Track, a time-tracking tool. It has dedicated a separate section of its site to Track, which is also highly optimized without it coming across as unnatural. Just have a look at some of these free tools:

3. Coschedule: all about that content core

Coschedule’s blog posts are highly SEO-driven, with strong headlines and calls to action that often match well with the topic of the blog post. Their blog post on newsletter headlines, for example, comes accompanied by a call-to-action to try out the CoSchedule Headline Studio.

They’re also the ones who coined the term “Content Core” to refer to the intersection of what your audience cares about and the value your business provides. When you dive into their articles, you can see that CoSchedule practices what it preaches by creating content that is greatly tailored to their target audience of professional content marketers. Some of the headlines include “How to Create a Content Framework That Will Keep You on Track” and “The Complete Guide to Newsjacking”.

4. Thrive Themes: covering the entire customer journey

The Thrive Themes blog is one of those software blog examples that is less SEO-focused, but it makes for a great example of product-led content marketing. The blog contains tons of tutorials as well as other types of helpful educational content around digital marketing.

All of this blog content is clearly written for their audience of site owners and marketers, teaching them how to guide customers from the top of the funnel to the sale while using Thrive products.

5. Groove HQ: all about customer service

The Groove HQ blog stands out because of its highly specific theme: it’s all about customer service. Articles include Groove HQ’s latest news and feature updates, in-depth guides, and listicles, as well as entrepreneur success stories.

Just like customer service should be about the customer, the Groove HQ company blog focuses on giving companies the tools they need to take charge of and improve their customer service, rather than on promoting its own product.

6. Paperbell: targeting a very specific audience

Where the Groove HQ blog had a specific theme, the Paperbell blog covers topics for a specific readership: coaches. Paperbell offers software that helps coaches run their business and the company’s blog is a collection of helpful resources for that same audience.

Paperbell also stands out because of how visually appealing and tailored to its audience its blog design is. While still being a business blog publishing business-related content, the soft tones and stylized headlines are clearly targeting not just any type of business owner.

7. ConvertKit: in-dept authority content

Just like Paperbell, ConvertKit focuses on a specific audience. The email service provider has managed to set itself apart in a competitive market by solely targeting content creators and publishing articles that speak strongly to that market. Aside from highly in-depth guides, this successful business blog dedicates an entire category to showcasing creator stories.

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Author: Sofie Couwenbergh

Sofie is an SEO-savvy content strategist, consultant, and writer. She helps brands generate more qualified leads and keep customers engaged with engaging optimized articles like the one you’ve just read.