Viola Eva. SEO. Flow seeker. Speaker.

Viola Eva

SEO. Speaker. Founder. Flow seeker.



SEO Professional since: 2015
Favorite thing about SEO: SEO today is strategic and creative. And there are a million different ways to rank!
Least favorite thing about SEO: Automated audits. SEO is too complex for box-ticking exercises. It’s about understanding and satisfying your audience’s needs.
Something people forget about SEO: Consistency is key, just like going to the gym or eating healthily. The benefits compound and accelerate over time.


Specialist Subject: Content Marketing and SEO
Coolest SEO gig: UnGagged, Las Vegas, 2018
Biggest Conference: Pubcon, Las Vegas, 2019
Favorite city I’ve spoken in: Amsterdam (Friends of Search, 2020)
First SEO Speaking gig: Dojo Coworking, Canggu, Bali (2017)


Started Flow SEO: 2018
Long-term goals: Become a “role model agency”—the kind of place that other businesses look up to: results-driven, fulfilling, fun to work with, and helps teams grow.
Why we work with software and eLearning startups: Because these businesses ‘get’ digital marketing, so we can build sophisticated, creative strategies with them. It’s win-win!

Flow seeker

Favorite thing about flow: Being clear, productive and effective during my day.
Favorite flow activities: Yoga, dancing, ice baths, hiking.
Recommended reading: Stealing Fire: How Silicon Valley, the Navy SEALs, and Maverick Scientists Are Revolutionizing the Way We Live and Work, Jamie Wheal and Steven Kotler

Conference speaking history

SEOkomm - SEO conference, November 2021, Salzburg, Austria

Digital Marketing Europe - digital marketing conference - April 2021, Online

SEO Mastery Summit - SEO conference - January 2021, Online

Webinale - the holistic web conference, November 2020, Online

SEO Minds - German SEO conference, September 2020, Online

SaaS Day - conference for software businesses, September 2020, Online

MicroConf - conference for independent software, September 2020, Online

Creative Hub - Women for Women Summit, April 2020, Online

SEO Campixx - SEO conference, March 2020, Berlin, Germany

Friends of Search Amsterdam - SEO/SEM conference, February 2020, Netherlands

Friends of Search Brussels - SEO/SEM conference, February 2020, Belgium

Marketing Business Summit - Web marketing conference, November 2019, Milan, Italy

SEOkomm - SEO conference, November 2019, Salzburg, Austria

Pubcon Pro - Search marketing conference, October 2019, Las Vegas, USA

Word Camp Europe - WordPress experience, June 2019, Berlin, Germany

Digital Elite Camp - Growth, Traffic & Conversion, June 2019, Tallinn, Estonia

UnGagged - SEO un-conference, April 2019, London, England

inOrbit 19 - Growth and marketing conference, March 2019, Slovenia

UnGagged - SEO un-conference, November 2018, Las Vegas, USA

Viola is a dynamic, engaging and informed presenter on all things SEO. We were fortunate to have her command our stage at UnGagged Las Vegas in 2018 and she exceeded (some already high) expectations.

Viola's session ranked among the best rated, her unique combination of industry insight, hands-on knowledge and approachability was a hit with attendees. Speaker, Writer, SEO mavin... I cannot recommend her enough!

Eric Plouffe, UnGagged

Viola is an excellent presenter and knowledge source of SEO. I've worked with her and seen her present in multiple workshops and events, where she always delivers.

Matt Diggity, Digitty Marketing

When it comes to SEO, Viola is my go-to resource. She talks the talk AND walks the walk. Her presentations are always filled with top notch content, actionable advice and good examples.

Attending one of her workshops or talks is as enjoyable as it is useful for anyone with a website. I highly recommend!

Hanne Vervaeck, Thrive Themes