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Practical workshops & talks for marketers, entrepreneurs and SEO specialists.


Viola has been speaking about how to apply a scientific mindset to SEO.  In the sessions, participants can learn about:

  • Competitive Google optimization
  • Data-driven keyword research
  • Content marketing for SEO
  • High-impact SEO updates
  • Search intent, zero-click searches, on-SERP SEO
  • Implementing agility in digital marketing

Talks in 2019 include:

  • inOrbit 19 - Growth and marketing conference, March 2019, Slovenia
  • UnGagged - SEO un-confernce, April 2019, London, England
  • Digial Elite Camp - A 3-day Event on Growth, Traffic & Conversion, June 2019, Tallinn, Estonia
  • Word Camp Europe - WordPress 360° total immersion experience, June 2019, Berlin, Germany
  • Pubcon Pro - Search marketing conference, October 2019, Las Vegas, USA
  • SEOkomm - SEO conference, November 2019, Salzburg, Austraia
  • Marketing Business Summit - Web marketing and business conference, November 2019, Milan, Italy

Attendee feedback:

"Great talk, Viola! Clear, actionable and great value to a fellow content and SEO manager! I will definitely follow your tips on analyzing our company's content."

"Even though I'm not that interested in SEO specifically, this was a VERY interesting lecture. For me it was new to talk about SEO and the developing side.
One of the best talks!!!"

"Gave me some insight into SEO that made it seem a bit less like black magic."

"Awesome. I contacted Viola to help us with clients afterwards."

Viola is a dynamic, engaging and informed presenter on all things SEO. We were fortunate to have her command our stage at UnGagged Las Vegas in 2018 and she exceeded (some already high) expectations. Viola's session ranked among the best rated, her unique combination of industry insight, hands-on knowledge and approachability was a hit with attendees. Speaker, Writer, SEO mavin... I cannot recommend her enough!

Eric Plouffe


When it comes to SEO, Viola is my go-to resource.

She talks the talk AND walks the walk. Her presentations are always filled with top notch content, actionable advice and good examples.

Attending one of her workshops or talks is as enjoyable as it is useful for anyone with a website. I highly recommend!

Hanne Vervaeck

Thrive Themes

Viola is an excellent presenter and knowledge source of SEO. I've worked with her and seen her present in multiple workshops and events, where she always delivers.

Matt Diggity

Diggity Marketing

Viola Eva - Biography

Viola Eva is specialized in SEO strategy, competitive optimization and data-driven content creation. She has hosted countless workshops on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and agility in digital marketing in the United States, Australia, Southeast Asia and Europe.

She is founder and SEO consultant for Flow SEO, a boutique SEO agency delivering custom strategies, sustainable SEO and measurable results for international brands.

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