Meet the Flow SEO team

Lean. Ambitious. Focused.

Meet the Flow SEO team.

Founded in 2018, Flow SEO is a boutique agency consisting of international marketers, independent thinkers and ambitious (and yet a bit nerdy) go-getters. 


SEO & Founder

SEO enthusiast Viola has visited every continent except for Antarctica and has passions from yoga, ice baths and electronic music to conscious team management and mindful marketing.


Content and PR

Managing content and publicity even when she sleeps, Angela also writes poetry, plays the piano, travels, loves on her two feline fur balls and can even beat Mickey Mouse at Disney trivia.



Outreach specialist and a link-building magician, Boban also loves climbing and snowboarding, but not as much as his two Persian cats.



Writing content better than Alexander Hamilton, Maja is also a full-time otaku and a huge fan of all things Tolkien.



Jovana is an avid researcher, analyzer and optimizer. When she is not deep diving into SEO she enjoys long walks, good books and coffee time. Occasionally, when nobody’s watching she still sometimes plays with Lego.

Flow SEO inspired by the latest research on flow as well as conscious business growth.

We are committed to working in flow and ease as much as we can. We thus challenge the notion of busyness, instant notifications, ever changing priorities and traditional models of scaling an agency. We like to focus on what matters: Great community, deep work and peak performance. Flow SEO stands for:

  • Friendliness
  • Integrity
  • Proactivity
  • Honesty

We are always sharing marketing insights.
Transparency is a pillar of our work.