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I first came across Viola & Flow SEO on LinkedIn. I admired her principle-driven approach and the degree of understanding Viola had of the mechanics of SaaS growth, from the perspective of SEO. We brought Flow SEO onboard and we were so impressed with how organised they were, the structure behind their program and the way they pushed us to achieve best practice, even when we wanted to move quickly. Hands down the best SEO practitioner (Viola) and the best SEO agency (Flow SEO) I’ve worked with to date.

Chris Harris

Head of Growth & Sales at Aroflo

Rachel Silver

Founder & CEO, Love Stories TV

She really takes the time to understand my business, everyone on her team is excellent and their recommendations get results! We’ve hired Viola to do keyword research for us and recommend internal changes to improve our search rankings.

Flow’s recommendations are always holistic – way beyond just a “keyword checklist” they give advice on design, copy, positioning, etc. Also they always hit their deadlines and budgets and are super organised and professional.

Laura Roeder

Founder at Paperbell

Andy Brennan

Marketing Director at IBISWorld

Rachel Moore

Communications Manager at 365 Pronto

Cecilien Dambon

Head of SEO at Mailbird

Christian Bogue

VP Marketing & Communication at 365pronto

Emily Gore

Marketing and Sales Operations at ELM Learning

Hannah Schlabach

Senior Marketing Manager at Betterworks

Leo Almeida

Digital Marketing Manager at Beekeeper

1.) Long-term strategic approach. Most agencies will go for some “quick win” SEO/Content suggestions, that provide quick results. I understand some clients want that, but most of those quick wins do not convert or are not in line with the overall marketing strategy. FlowSEO is working on a long-term strategy that will build or support a strong and stable SEO basis for your company.

2.) Detailed explanations. No matter what question you may have, Viola will answer it in a simple and yet professional way. With that, I can not only follow the steps taken, but I understand them as well. That is again very different from other agencies. Most of them will give a very generic explanation.

3. ) The team is just super nice and professional.
The responses are quick and in a timely manner. If there is ever anything that we would like to work on differently, we can approach Viola and the feedback is welcomed and implemented in no time.

Christin Baumgarten

Operations Manager @ Mailbird

Laura Roeder

Founder at Paperbell

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