Bespoke SEO strategies
that get long-term results.

Improved pipeline. More organic traffic. Better rankings.

Our promise to you

Senior-level expertise
All our SEO strategists have at least 5 years’ experience.

Direct contact with your consultant
No account managers or middle men.

Human connection
Together, we get long term results that you (and we) can be proud of.

Transparent strategies
No unanswered questions and no stress.

Effective execution
To make you succeed in your role!

You feel like an extension of our team. Often with agencies, you have junior support that only spends a couple of hours a week on your account.
With Flow SEO it feels like we have a dedicated resource who has our same goals top of mind every day. You are best in class, and experts in your field, which allows us to focus on our areas of expertise and trust SEO is in good hands.

Anne Marie Corbett, Betterworks

SEO expertise at your fingertips

content calendar service

Relevant content THAT BUILDS trust.


Through keyword research,  competitor review and Page 1 analysis, we uncover the best keyword opportunities. From transactional keywords to informational/educational topics, we find and plan the best ideas to drive your content creation. We include in-depth briefings, incl. keywords and variations, URL structure, content type, word count and topical outline.

Release your content’s potential.


Regular content audits uncover potential within your existing content. We highlight the pages and posts that will increase your relevance and focus - and those who hold you back. We find the best pages to improve and optimize them for SEO through keyword placement, internal links, images and structured data (schema markup).

content optimization service
Link acquisition service

Improve authority and visibilitY.


We offer a variety of link acquisition campaigns, from unlinked brand mentions, to guest posts, to digital PR, and sharing your message in online magazines and publications. Links are still one of the main ranking factors and establish the authority of your website. A great backlink is contextual, relevant, targeted and from a website with good SEO metrics. 

Accelerates all SEO activity.


You want your website to accelerate your content and link efforts - not limit you. In our technical audit, we uncover the issues. From web speed, to URL structure, internal linkings, translation and language issues, error pages, mobile friendliness and much more. We offer support in fixing the issues and brief your developer to make the changes.

technical SEO service
google ads service



As an additional service for our SEO clients, we offer Google Ads management to support our organic efforts with paid reach. 

Our specialities also include





Rebecca is my SEO/SEM guru. Whether it's ads, content, technical/page optimization, you name it, she is my go-to. She provides great recommendations and suggestions and is so responsive when it comes to research and data/analytics.
As a B2B marketer constantly looking for ways to attract my ideal client, Rebecca has been invaluable in helping me increase web traffic, qualified leads, and conversions.

Emily Gore, ELM Learning

Your traffic lately

Does this look familiar?

This is every marketer’s biggest fear. Your shiny new content gets a big spike in traffic for a few days, and then… nothing. Like you never published anything at all.

So the only way to replicate those good numbers is to publish more content, all the time, until your marketing team implodes from stress and exhaustion. That stops today.

Credit to Rand Fishkin

Your traffic with Flow SEO

Improved pipeline. More organic traffic. Better rankings.

What you get is a sustainable strategy that improves over time.

  • Consistent traffic from a sustainable source
  • SEO benefits compounding with time
  • Your content keeps getting more popular

Minimal input from you, maximum output from us.

Backlink building. Keyword Optimization. Internal Linking. If you never want to think about these terms ever again, you’re in luck.

We plan and execute up to 85% of your SEO strategy: You write the content, we do everything else.

Our monthly retainers include:

  • Your bespoke and holistic SEO strategy

  • Your senior SEO specialist (Rebecca, Hannes, Viola, Izaskun or David)

  • 2x 30min consulting sessions per month

  • Transparent planning

  • Data-driven decisions

  • Effective execution

  • Guaranteed hours per month (with scale up option)

The only question left is… Are you ready to trade in your stress for success?