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Meet our SEO Consultant, Helene!

She creates keyword research, content briefs, research documents, and reports to help guide their SEO strategies.

She also helps manage Flow University, our internal program that runs monthly training sessions and builds our automation tools to simplify SEO and agency processes. She enjoys traveling to try new foods and wine and watching too much YouTube.

Learn more about Helene in this interview!

P. S. If you want to check out her magic, check out her latest session:


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3 Influencers You Follow Religiously

Most Bizarre/Interesting Client Project

Created SEO content for an extension to a software for architects and planners.

It was an interesting project as it was a locally based company which allowed me to also learn a bit about city planning events that happened in Ljubljana. I was technically out of my depth, at first, but dove in and created some great pieces of content.

What Values Motivate You?

Equity is a significant part of what motivates me in my daily life, while living with intention and mindfulness to ground me when the world gets too big. I am also a lifelong learner with a special interest in SEO, culture, and research which means I am way too excited to go to work every day.

Favorite Ways to Spend Your Free Time?

If I’m not consuming or creating content you can find me traveling around Europe to see live music, attend food festivals, and wander countless museums.

Favorite Industry Podcast/Show To Follow?

Digital Marketing Victories with Katherine Watier Ong – it was a really fascinating conversation, she asked questions I’ve never thought of and it was a great dialogue about the intersection of culture and search.


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3 Resources Everyone Should Know About

  • TimeOS. – It has been such an indispensable tool at Flow for recording call notes, sharing them with the team, and adding tasks to project management tools.
  • What to ask an SEO Consultant by Helene Jelenc – Shameless plug as this was a labor of love, compiling my SEO experiences in a helpful and actionable way.
  • Custom extraction with Screaming Frog. – This has saved me countless hours that were wasted by a past-version of myself.

Favorite Area Of Your Work?

This is hard as I enjoy all aspects of my job, but I probably thrive the most when working on reports or creating new processes. Get me into a Looker Studio dashboard or Google Sheets with a puzzle to solve and I will be immersed until the end.

As A Kid, What Did Dou Want To Be When You Grew Up?

I wanted to play the flute in an orchestra and studied classical music for over a decade, including at university. After a few years into my degree, I came to the realization of the competitiveness of the industry, and my lack of desire to teach. A hard pivot to anthropology set me on the path I am today.


Gabby Nunez
Gabby is the marketing whiz at Flow SEO. As the agency's marketing specialist, She handles all social media channels, oversees content creation, and runs the agency blog.
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