SEO tools and resources


We love our SEO tools. As SEO scientists, we use tools to understand the competitive landscape, our client’s website, the website of their competitors and much more. We test and play with rankings factors and improve our strategies in the process.

This is a list of new and exciting tools to work with.


Must have SEO tools

There are a few things an SEO cannot live without:


Free SEO tools

The writers of the Ahrefs blog did an excellent job putting together a list of free SEO tools. So have a look around there. A must do is answerthepublic to find relevant questions that users have – the best way to make your content informative and relevant.


Exciting and new SEO tools – this is the good stuff!

We love statistical relevance and understanding what Google really favours. Check out these tools for correlational SEO and measuring ranking factors:

Do you want to see if Googlebot really gets your content? Check these tools for algorithmic content analysis:

Talking about content. Did you get your keyword density (aka TF-IDF) right? Check with Seobility.

And you can check your LSI keywords and context with nTopic. Or find related terms with Wondersear, SEOHero or LSIgraph.


What SEO tools are your favourites? Tell us. We are always eager to try new solutions.