Boutique SEO agency Berlin: Your Key to Page 1

Your potential customers need to be able to find you — and do so quickly! So why should you continue to hide out on Page 3 of Google when all the cool kids on Page 1 are getting all the action? There’s absolutely no reason that you can’t be scoring more than your fair share of search results — not one single one.


Nowadays, everyone is taking to Google to find the answers to everyday questions, especially with the rise of Google Home or options included with the operating system on your smartphone. It’s easier than ever before to inquire about making a dentist appointment, building a better business strategy, picking up a new healthy diet or finding a boutique SEO agency in Berlin (yes, us ;)).


The answers are there, so why not allow them to point directly to your business? It’s not rocket science, but you WILL need a rockstar SEO strategy.



But What Exactly IS Search Engine Optimization?


You’ve probably heard this term thrown around quite a lot if you’ve looked into Google rankings, but not all SEO definitions are created equal. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of developing a plan that will enable your company to  climb the rankings and be easily found by search engines. This often entails a special (often secret) formula that will include content creation, optimizing for specific keywords and a variety of other seemingly mystical, magical strategies.


When an individual is searching for an online marketplace for herbal or botanical extracts, the search engine’s job is to display the results that best match the query. In short, the user will see the most popular options that have made their way to Page 1 due to rankings, keywords and a myriad of other decision-making factors.


A company’s goal is to be the answer to as many user questions as possible. When this isn’t feasible, it’s critical that an experienced SEO implement ranking keywords so that the discovery of your business is even more likely.



Boutique SEO agency: Why Flow SEO Is Unique


At Flow SEO, we research the most viable keywords and make them the virtual backbone of your site. This can often include incorporating them into already existing information, as well as creating 100-percent unique content that will allow their placement to not only provide informative materials for visitors, but which will also rank the page higher on search engine results.


Moreover, we want you to become the authority within your specific niche. If a user has a need, we want you to fulfil it, whether via a service or through provided information that could potentially lead to new client acquisitions. This is why guest posts and link building can be imperative in your quest for Page 1 ranking.


And while we may have headquarters in Berlin, our highly skilled team members are located throughout the world and speak a number of languages fluently. We are not only an international SEO agency, but we are a global contender.



SEO Services: What to Expect


When you’re ready to explore what Flow SEO can do for your business or organization, then you will be introduced to the numerous benefits that you can reap while working with such an experienced agency.


  • The right keywords – Adding keywords to your content may feel proactive, but if they’re not the “right” keywords, you haven’t made any real accomplishments. We will ensure that the keywords selected for your individual brand will help you rank higher, as well as point users to your services and content. How cool would that be?
  • Website content – We have some of the best writers on the planet, and we aren’t afraid to use them! We will create highly optimized content for your site that will not only provide the gift of information to your visitors, but will also be a source of perfectly placed keywords to help the page rank.
  • SEO audits – We’re not going to just sit back and “hope” we’re doing the best job that we can for your company. We will run intense SEO audits that will help us investigate SEO issues, page speeds, ranking drops, duplicate content, missing tags, broken links and all of the other errors that go bump in the night.
  • Backlinks – A backlink is a link that is placed on another site that will point visitors to your own site, primarily inserted in content like guest posts. It’s almost like a recommendation from another business, cleverly placed within an article that will be both engaging and informative, as well as geared toward the readers of that particular site. We will eat, sleep and breath your company until it has content and links featured on sites with high Domain Authorities. And you guessed it — we’re going to create that content for you and make those connections.
  • Uploads – Additionally, we will upload your new content, create product descriptions and add compelling images to make your site as visually appealing as it is informative. You’ll not only rank higher, but you’ll look great while doing it!


If you’re ready to stop wasting hours trying to implement SEO without much success, reach out to us for more information or to schedule a FREE consultation. Page 1 can belong to YOU!