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Google’s Generative AI Announcement on May, 10th.

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Proud! Flow SEO got shortlisted for 3 European Search Awards.

⭐️ ELM Learning – Best Integrated Campaign – High-Intent Content Hubs Across Paid and Organic Search️ by Rebecca Bowden

⭐️ Flow SEO & MailCharts – Best Use of Content Marketing Scalable Product-led Content Marketing by Helene Jelenc

⭐️ Flow SEO & Betterworks – Best Use Search in B2B – SEO for Enterprise SaaS by myself

I am grateful for the team at Flow SEO for making this happen, especially for Rebecca and Helene who show their talent and commitment in their client work as well as their award applications.

Shout out to our wonderful clients and partners:

⭐️ Emily Gore ⭐️ Kate Adams, Jessica Delahunt, Amanda Jerome, Eric Goodenough, Alyssa Disabito and Sofie Couwenbergh ⭐️ John Schneider, Sabina Iyengar, Michelle Gouldsberry, Alex Larralde, Michael Romero, Carly Reid and of course Mary Ellen Slayter and Roberto Lino and teams. ⭐️

Thank you to We Are Search and Don’t Panic Events for recognizing our work.


Viola Eva
Viola is passionate about digital entrepreneurship, flow, and mindful marketing. As a marketing consultant and SEO, she has worked with clients ranging from individual digital entrepreneurs to software companies to multi-national corporates and government institutions. She is a speaker, educator, and specialist on all things SEO.
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