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Google’s Generative AI Announcement on May, 10th.

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The phenomenon of zero-click searches is growing.

For terms like currency conversionstime zones, word definitions and “how to x” questions, nobody’s clicking through.

That’s because many new SERP features (e.g., paid ads, media elements, featured snippets) have taken over the top positions and are now make clicking on certain types of search results unnecessary.

So, what’s an SEO professional to do when Page 1 terminates such searches by providing answers directly?

In fact, this SERP phenomenon not only affects SEO pros, but also brands and content creators.

Content in such industries is receiving fewer impressions, lower CTRs (click-through rates), and much less organic traffic — even when ranking in the top organic positions!

So, here’s my question to you:

Is your online business or agency ready for the zero-click search hurricane headed your way?

If not, read on to learn all about what the zero-click world will look like, as you begin to fight back and begin using strategies to win those increasingly prized featured snippet spots.

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You might feel that low click searches are an uphill battle, but according to ahrefs there is 8% of total traffic to win, if you manage to score the featured snippet.


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